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Affordable Cremation in Southern Ontario

Why Choose Modest Cremation?

In recent years, close to 60% of Ontario residents have chosen cremation as an option following death*. Modest Cremation is a leader in the cremation industry and offers a simple cremation service to make the process easier and more efficient from start to finish.

  • We provide you with the comfortable option of making cremation arrangements for immediate need or for prearrangements from your own home
  • We have friendly, licensed professionals to help you, 24 hours a day
  • We give you the flexibility to plan a personalized memorialization as you see fit, at a time that’s convenient for you

Our trusted network can be counted on to provide cremation services in multiple cities throughout Southwestern Ontario and the GTA, including:

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*68.8% of Canadian Families chose cremation in 2015. “FAMIC Study,” Funeral & Memorialization Information Council (FAMIC). 2015.